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Class names and definitions

Class name Definition
epo-not:CompetitionNotice An announcement of the launch of a procurement procedure by a procuring entity. (WG approval 18/05/2018)
epo-not:CompletionNotice An announcement of the end of a procurement by a buyer.
epo-not:ContractModificationNotice An announcement of the modification of a contract/concession during during its term by a procuring entity.
epo-not:DirectAwardPrenotificationNotice Notice which sets out the buyer's purchasing intention to award a contract without prior notification of competition.
epo-not:PlanningNotice Notice which sets out the contracting authority's purchasing intentions. It is used by contracting authorities to provide suppliers with information about a procurement process.
epo-not:ResultNotice An announcement of the award or non-award of a contract by a buyer. (WG approval 27/03/2019)

Attributes (datatype properties) names and definitions

Class name Attribute name Definition Data type / cardinality

Predicates (object properties) and definitions

Predicate name Definition Domain, Range and Cardinality