Installation instructions for software engineers

Make sure you have installed Docker and docker-compose.

Create the local venv and activate it.

pip install virtualenv
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Install the python dependencies:

make install
make istall-dev

Prepare the Airflow environment

make create-env-airflow

Set up the local infra

make build-externals
make build-airflow
make init-rml-mapper
make init-saxon

Start local infra services

make start-traefik
make start-mongo
make start-metabase
make start-allegro-graph

Start Airflow

make start-airflow

Digest API deployment

Start Digest API server

To start the Digest API in server mode:


Debug local API service

Debug scenario with terminal output:

uvicorn --host localhost --port 8000 ted_sws.notice_transformer.entrypoints.api.digest_service.main:app --reload
See http://localhost:8000/api/v1/docs for API usage.

CLI usage:

> api-digest_service-start-server --help

Usage: api-digest_service-start-server [OPTIONS]

  -h, --host TEXT
  -p, --port INTEGER
  --help                                      Show this message and exit.

Running TED-SWS tests

make install-dev
make test-unit
make test-feature
make test-e2e