TED-RDF Conversion Pipeline Documentation

The TED-RDF Conversion Pipeline, is part of the TED Semantic Web Services (TED-SWS system) and provides tools an infrastructure to convert TED notices available in XML format into RDF. This conversion pipeline is designed to work with the TED-SWS Mapping Suites - self containing packages with transformation rules and resources.

Project roadmap

Reference Description Estimated delivery Factory Acceptance Test Release date Release

Phase 1

The first phase places high priority on the deployment into the OP AWS Cloud environment.

August 2022

2022-08-29 report

29 August 2022


Phase 2

Provided that the deployment in the acceptance environment is successful, the delivery of Phase 2 aims to provide the first production version of the TED SWS system.

Nov 2022

2022-11-22 report

20 Nov 2022


Phase 3

This phase delivers the documentation and components and improvements that could not be covered in the previous phases.

Feb 2023

2023-02-20 report

21 Feb 2023