Repository structure

Transformation rules and other artefacts for the TED Semantic Web Services (TED-SWS) system are organised in this repository.

The repository is organised as presented below. Next we describe the important folders and their purpose.


/docs folder contains this documentation. It is written in AsciiDoc format and compiled with Antora system.

/mappings folder contains mapping suite packages organised based on the standard forms numbers. Their name is formed based on the form number (e.g. F03, F06) prefixed with package_ for readability. When the eForms will be mapped, then the corresponding appropriate organisation will be chosen.

/src/mappings folder represents the "single source of truth" for the mapping rules across various mapping suite packages. This is necessary because of the modularisation and reuse method adopted in this project. The basic idea is that the mapping rules are organised in modules and all are stored in the source folder. Each mapping suite provides in the conceptual mapping workbook the list of modules that be used to compose the complete set of transformation rules of the mapped form number.

/test_data folder contains sample TED notices generated by different selection methods. Some manually selected notices are available in the /sampling_manual subfolder. The automatically generated notice samples that are in the /sampling_2021 subfolder are described here. In the sampling_2014_2022 subfolder there are samples, generated from all available notices in the 2014-2022 period that cover the various changes in the XML Schema over the years. More automatically generated samples will follow.