ePO - eProcurement Ontology 1.0.0

The D02.01 Specification of the process and methodology can be downloaded from here. The D02.02 Project Charter proposal can be read here.

The landscaping report on policy support for e-Procurement is available here.

The OWL file created from the current data model is available here.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0

  • Defines of three Use Cases:

    • Use Case 1: "Data Journalism"

    • Use Case 2: "Automated matchmaking of procured services and products with businesses"

    • Use case 3: "Verifying VAT payments on intra-community service provision"

  • Identifies Information Requirements in alignment with the Use Cases

  • Defines a Conceptual Data Model

  • Maps the Conceptual Data Model entities to OWL

  • Implements the Conceptual Data Model in OWL

  • Release year: 2017