eForms SDK documentation

eForms is the notification standard for public procurement procedures in the EU. The eForms SDK is a collection of resources providing the foundation for building eForms applications.

You are currently reading the documentation that was published for eForms SDK version 1.9.
The latest version of eForms SDK is 1.11.

The following topics are included in this version of the eForms Documentation:

General Reference

SDK Contents

eForms Developer Guide

Java Libraries

  • EFX Toolkit for Java
    A toolkit that you can use to translate EFX expressions and templates for your runtime environment.

  • eForms Core Java Library
    A Java library useful when implementing some standard features of eForms Applications.

Sample Applications

For every release of the eForms SDK, a copy of the corresponding documentation is maintained in this website. You can select the version of documentation that you want to consult by selecting the corresponding version of the SDK either in the dropdown menu available on the top right of this page, or the component navigation panel available on the bottom left of each page.