Annex I. Code list used in ESPD

Note that some code list used in ESPD have been updated accordingly to the alignment with eForms carried out for ESPD.

In some cases code list have been removed from ESPD since the information is going to be provided in eForms CN, therefore it will not be needed in ESPD.

For more details on Code list removed check Release Notes.

Beware that in the ESPD documents codes can be used in different places, e.g.:

  1. Outside the criteria, in UBL components of type "Code Type";

  2. Inside the definition of a Criterion, in the ESPD Request, for the element Expected Code (cac:TenderingCriterion/​cac:TenderingCriterionPropertyGroup/​cac:TenderingCriterionProperty/​cbc:ExpectedCode, it is in this element that the ESPD Request defines which code list to use); and

  3. Inside the Response Value (cac:TenderingCriterionResponse/​cac:ResponseValue/​cbc:ResponseCode), where the Economic Operator has to supply a valid code picked from the list specified in the ESPD Request, in the element cbc:ExpectedCode.

Additional information about the code lists can be found in:

The table below lists the code lists used in the ESPD documents and where they are used.

Code List Issuer Agency Used In


Publications Office of the EU

See element 'cac:Evidence/​cbc:ConfidentialityLevelCode` of the UBL-2.3 XSD Schemas for QualificationApplicationResponse


Publications Office of the EU

See element 'cac:PostalAddress/​cac:Country/​cbc:IdentificationCode` of the UBL-2.3 XSD Schemas, e.g. the postal address of an economic operator party)


DG GROW (European Commission, defined in e-Certis)

See each Criterion taxonomy code in the Criteria Data Structures. See also the Genericode file.


DG GROW (European Commission)

See element cac:TenderingCriterion/​cac:TenderingCriterionPropertyGroup/​cac:TenderingCriterionProperty/​cbc:TypeCode of the UBL-2.3 XSD QualificationApplicationRequest Schema


Publications Office of the EU

All UBL-2.3 elements of type cbc:Amount in its attribute @currencyID


DG GROW (European Commission)

UBL-2.3 element cac:AdditionalDocumentReference/​cbc:DocumentTypeCode. See XML example in section 2.5 EU and notice publications


DG GROW (European Commission)

Attribute cac:PartyIdentification/cbc:ID@SchemeID. See 'Requirement" boxes in section 6.6 Economic Operator


Publications Office of the EU

Used in the UBL-2.3 element cac:EconomicOperatorParty/​cac:QualifyingParty/​cbc:IndustryClassificationCode to specify the size of the economic operator.


DG GROW (European Commission)

Element cac:EconomicOperatorRole/​cbc:RoleCode.


BACH Banque de France

Used in the REQUIREMENT "Ratio Type" of the Criterion finan-rat. See data structure for this criterion in the ESPD Request ESPD-criterion.


Publications Office of the EU

e.g. in cac:Legislation/​cac:Language/​cbc:LocaleCode. See for instance XML example in section 4. 7 Early termination


DG GROW (European Commission)

Element cbc:ProfileExecutionID used at the root of the UBL-2.3 QualificationApplicationRequest and QualificationApplicationResponse documents. See table of expected elements in section 2.4 Root elements


DG GROW (European Commission)

Element cac:TenderingCriterion/​cac:TenderingCriterionPropertyGroup/​cbc:PropertyGroupTypeCode.


DG GROW (European Commission)

Element cac:TenderingCriterion/​cac:TenderingCriterionPropertyGroup/​cac:TenderingCriterionProperty/​cbc:ValueDataTypeCode.


Publications Office of the EU

Element cac:TenderingCriterion/​cac:TenderingCriterionPropertyGroup/​cac:TenderingCriterionProperty/​cbc:ExpectedCode