eForms SDK Roadmap

SDK versions are released several times per year to improve the provided metadata and implement regulatory changes. Releases are announced in the eForms developer forum on GitHub, where you can watch for updates or follow the discussions.

This page provides an overview of the upcoming releases and the changes that are planned for them. As it is updated manually it may not always be up to date. The last revision to this page was made in March 2024.

eForms SDK 1.x.x

Since the release of the eForms SDK 1.0.0 in August 2022, we have continued to release updates to the SDK that incrementally improve the eForms metadata that is included in it. These updates are all backwards compatible with the SDK 1.0.0 and therefore they can be used by applications that have already been adapted to the SDK 1.0.0.

In 2024, there will be at least two SDK releases to satisfy the changes and deadlines required by the December 2023 amendment to the eForms implementing regulation.

SDK release 1.12 will include: the technical changes for business entities, the additional fields for FSR (Foreign Subsidies Regulation), the changes to exclusion grounds and selection grounds (as foreseen in the December 2023 amendment to the eForms regulation), as well as some incremental updates and improvements. SDK 1.12 should be released no later than the end of June 2024.

The following SDK release 1.13 will be a very significant release including: the additional fields for IPI (International Procurement Instrument) and for EED (Energy Efficiency Directive) and the six new voluntary forms E1 to E6. SDK 1.13 should be released no later than the end of October 2024.

eForms SDK 2.0.0

In parallel, we have been working on the next major version of the eForms SDK. We initially tried to complete and release SDK 2.0.0 by June 2023 to give enough time to eSenders to adopt it before going live with eForms on October 2023. However we realised that the timing was not right for most eSenders and decided to freeze further development until after the full roll-out of eForms across the eSender network with SDK 1. We intend to restart the effort on completing the work for SDK 2.0.0 in the second half of 2024. We are aiming to release SDK 2.0.0 by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

The new version aims at improving the grammar of EFX to make it more flexible and easier to read and write. Its main goal is to improve the expressiveness of EFX Templates so that we can overcome current limitations in notice visualisation. We are also adding new functions that will allow us to better manipulate and format notice data, as well as improve our current internationalisation capabilities.

For more details on what is coming with SDK 2.0.0, you can consult the SDK 2 preliminary documentation that we have made available. You can find more details on EFX 2 here.

Please note that the SDK 2 documentation is still a work in progress and that it will be updated as we make progress on the development of SDK 2.0.0.

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