Please find below the minutes from 17th of December:

Participants: Paloma Arillo-Aranda, Ana-Maria Babaligea, Cécile Guasch, Giorgia Lodi, Vibeke Engesaeth, Thor Møller, Natalie Muric, Giampaolo Sellitto, Juan Carlos Segura and Enric Staromiejski.

The meeting from the 17th of December was focused on the mapping of the CAN in the “Result” stage.

The following table shows the BTs mapped as well as how they are represented in the ePO EA file. All the mappings can be consulted in the “Result” diagram:


Other comments:

  • The diagrams are partial views of the ontology.

  • The evaluation report is the class that links the award decision and the tender. Instead of using to use the Evaluation Report, the WG decided to create a relationship that links the AwardDecision and the Tender Lot (see the new diagram)

Action Points:

  • Everis: Some attributes of the class “statistical information” have to be split. We need to make a break-down task.

  • Everis: According to the Naming and Design Rules, the object “properties” should be in past. The WG decided to leave it in present and not in past. However, this has to be reflected in the document of the rules.

  • Everis: Create an issue in eForms asking if they are talking about any tender or only the winning tender.