Working Group meeting 28/07/2020

Participants 28th: Ana Aido, Paloma Arillo Aranda, Cécile Guash, Giorgia Lodi, Thor Møller, Helder Santos, Giampaolo Sellitto, Roberto Reale, Héctor Rico, Ioannis Rousochatzakis and Enric Staromiejski.

Topic of discussion:

#242 TenderReceivedPerLot

Only acceptable tenders are countable and this is mapped within the "StatisticalInformation". To ensure that the complete information needed is provided, the WG revisited the class and its attributes. Before modifying the attributes the WG agreed that there was no need to add the AcceptableTenderLots as it can be inferred from the operation: TenderReceived - InadmissibleTenders.

Related to "StatisticalInformation" the attributes were renamed to ensure the proper scope. Also definitions were updated according to the changes done to the attributes. The final result for the StatisticalInformation (Attributes rename and definitions) is below:

  • epo:AbnormallyLowTendersLot

  • epo:CleanVehicles

  • epo:EEAReceivedTenderLots

  • epo:ElectronicTenderLots

  • epo:HighestReceivedTenderLotValue

  • epo:InadmissibleTenderLots

  • epo:LowestReceivedTenderLotValue

  • epo:ReceivedMediumTenderLots

  • epo:ReceivedMicroTenderLots

  • epo:ReceivedNONEEATenderLots

  • epo:ReceivedParticipationRequests

  • epo:ReceivedReviewRequests

  • epo:ReceivedSmallTenderLots

  • epo:ReceivedSMETenderLots

  • epo:ReceivedTenderLots

  • epo:TotalVehicles

  • epo:UnverifiedTenderLots

  • epo:ZeroEmissionVehicles

It was agreed:

  • to delete both TotalEstimatedSubcontractedShare and TotalEstimatedSubcontractedShare from Statistical Information and

  • to add definitions for data properties from Subcontract to TenderLot to represent the information.

In the context of “Value”, it was already agreed that CurrencyType is not needed as it is specified by Amount.

Action Point:

  • The mapping of the changes made will be taken into account on eForms mapping to be aligned.

  • To check what has happened with the values and if we are using the correct version of the model (frozen or ongoing) during the WG meetings.