Please find below the minutes from the 23rd of March

Participants: Paloma Arillo(OP), Cécile Guasch (ISA2 - DIGIT), Veit Jahns (TC440), Giorgia Lodi (ISTC-CNR), Natalie Muric(OP), Héctor Rico (everis), Helder Santos(INCM), Giovani Paolo Sellito (ANAC), and Enric Staromiesjski Torregrosa(everis).

  • NM pointed out that there won’t be a meeting next 1st. The next meeting will be on the 13th.

  • NM indicated that thursday 25th presentation BDTI usage of DCAT.

  • NM informed the WG that v2.0.1 has been released. Showed the git and the release.

Topics of discussion: eCatalogue diagram

The WG proposed and agreed on separating eCatalogueReification and create a specific eCatalogue diagram to ease the maintenance.

Action Point: epo:Adress should have fullAddress as a string

The work done during the meeting was carried out taking as reference the diagrams from TC440:

  • epo-ecat:eCatalogue definition has been modified. Additional Information removed and used for the definition of epo-ecat:eCatalogueLine

  • The epo-ecat:eCatalogueLine was added. The class was defined based on TC 440 and the additional information from epo-ecat:Catalogue.

  • A new predicate was added from epo-ecat:eCatalogue epo:isComposedOf epo-ecat:eCatalogueLine. Cardinality 1..*

  • A new predicate was added from epo-ecat:eCatalogueLine epo:specifiesItem epo:Item. Cardinality 1

  • The class epo:Period was added in the diagram and linked to: epo:Contract and to epo-ecat:eCatalogue

  • The class epo:Price was added

  • The class epo:Location was added

  • Action point for the future: cardinalities should be harmonised – aligned with the 2.0.1 (all attributes from all classes)

  • The WG created an issue regarding Predicate harmonisation that concerns isComposedOf amongst other predicates in the Ontology. Issue 281 (

Topic of discussion: eOrder diagram:

  • Change applied based on previous eCatalogue discussion: predicate from epo:Order epo:isComposedOf epo:OrderLine

  • Action Point: Separate the eOrdering and eOrdering Reification under its prefix as it is done in the case of eCatalogue (e.g. epo-eorder:)