Please find below the minutes from 15 April 2021

Participants: Ana Aido, Paloma Arillo Aranda (OP), Eugeniu Costezki, Cécile Guasch (ISA2 - DIGIT), Veit Jahns (TC440), Giorgia Lodi (ISTC-CNR), Natalie Muric (OP), Helder Santos (INCM), Giampaolo Sellitto (ANAC), Jalini Srisgantharajah (dfø). Topic of discussion: Reification and eNotification

Considering the extensive work carried out on the reification and eNotification models, the Working Group (WG) proposes that the work integrating the reification in the eNotification model can be produced outside the working group and that the WG can validate the result or request certain changes.

The WG in the mean time will concentrate on:

  1. providing definitions for concepts where they are missing;

  2. improving the work on amounts and values;

  3. the removal of complex data types;

  4. addresses and locations: where reuse of the Core Location Vocabulary and INSPIRE should be looked into.

  5. evolving the models for eOrdering and eCatalogue.

The new Core Location Vocabulary will be discussed in the Core Vocabularies Webinar on 23 April at 10-12 see here. It would be good to discuss at this webinar whether it is really necessary to have a Location to access the address of an Agent.

Topic of discussion: ePO WG meetings week 16 (20 and 22 April 2021)

Members of the ePO WG will be participating in the Webinar

The ePO meetings will take place on Tuesday 20 and on Thursday 22 even if we have to stop earlier than usual.

Topic of discussion: Definitions

The following concepts were discussed in the meeting:

  • epo:LocationCoordinate – this definition will be addressed at a later stage as the class ‘Location’ is still under discussion.

  • epo:MultipleStageProcedureTerm

Definition: Conditions and stipulations defining particularities of procedures carried out in several steps.

Additional Information: Generally this refers to procedures where selection is carried out to qualify tenderers who are then requested to submit the rest of their tender for evaluation ie Restricted procedure

  • epo:OpeningTerm

Definition: Conditions and stipulations defining particularities of the opening of the tenders.

Additional information: The opening of the tenders is the event when tenders are made accessible for evaluation, it is generally the same date and time for all tenders

  • epo:OrganisationGroup

Definition: Agreed collaboration of several organisations.

Additional information: This concept has been created to fulfill the need to represent a grouping of organisations that is not necessarily registered ie consortia.

  • epo:Prize

Definition: A reward given in a contest.

  • epo:RegulatoryFrameworkInformation.

Definition: Legal information that governs specific aspects of the procedure.

Additional information: The legal information can concern tax regimes in a given country for example

Topic of discussion: Event about SCORVoc standard

The Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) is a cross-industry approach to lay the groundwork for more efficient and effective information exchange in supply networks. Within this framework an ontology SCORVoc has been created: uses that is good for defining products, as is the Good Relations Ontology.

The interconnection between the two ontologies were discussed and whether they could be mapped to one another. It was felt that although the scopes were different that commonalities could be found and it would be interesting to explore synergies that could be creating.

SCOR is about processes of Supply Chain management and supported by SCORVoc ontology, the eProcurement ontology is about (public) procurement data, however for common terms representing the same concept it could be worth ensuring a common definition to enable reuse, linking and interoperability.

SCOR will be presented at a workshop of the CEN TC 440 (European Committee for Standardization - Technical Committee on Electronic Public Procurement) on April 26, 2021 to better understand SCOR.

We carry on with definitions on Tuesday.