Please find below the minutes from 27 April 2021

Participants: Paloma Arillo Aranda (OP), Cécile Guasch (ISA2 - DIGIT), Hilde Kjolset (dfø), Giorgia Lodi (ISTC-CNR), Natalie Muric (OP), Helder Santos (INCM) and Giampaolo Sellitto (ANAC).

Topic of discussion: Summary review previous week

The the minutes of the previous week were approved.

Topic of discussion: Definitions - predicates

The following relations were discussed and a check is to be done in the html conventions to see if this work will correct the inconsistencies:

  • Subject: Lot

Object: ContractTerm, FrameworkAgreementTerm, MultipleStagesProcedureTerm, SubmissionTerm, DesignContestRegimeTerm, FrameworkAgreementTerm.

Predicate: applies – renamed to ‘isSubjectTo’.

Definition: Relation that specifies rules that are applicable to the lot.

Inverse: isAppliedby – renamed to ‘setsContextFor’.

Definition: Relation that specifies the lot to which these rules apply.

  • Subject: Procedure

Object: Lot

Predicate: specifies – renamed to ‘isComposedOf’

Definition: Relation showing a component part of a procedure.

Inverse: specifiedIn – renamed to ‘IsComponentOf’

Definition: Relation showing the lot is part of the procedure.

  • Subject: Lot

Object: SelectionCriterion

Predicate: specifies –

Definition: Relation that indicates the conditions for selecting economic operators for tendering.

Invese: isSpecifiedIn

Definition: Relation indicating a selection criterion in a given lot.

  • Subject: StrategicProcurement

Object: ResourceElement

Predicate: isSpecifiedIn - To check in EA if it should be removed. The WG does not see the reasoning for this property it does not seem to map to anything

  • Subject: DesignContestRegimeTerm, FrameworkAgreement

Object: Lot

Predicate: appliesTo – removed

Note: check mapping

  • Subject: SecurityClearanceTerm

Object: Document, Location

Predicate: appliesTo: renamed to ‘describesAccessRestrictionsTo’

Definition: Relation that specifies access rules

Inverse: applies – renamed to ‘hasSecurityClearanceTerm’

Definition: Relation indicating that security clearance is required for access

Note: org:site to be replaced by epo:location