Working Group meeting 27/05/2021

Participants: Paloma Arillo Aranda (OP), Cécile Guasch (ISA2 - DIGIT), Hilde Kjolset (dfø), Giorgia Lodi (ISTC-CNR), Natalie Muric (OP) and Giampaolo Sellitto (ANAC).

Topic of discussion: Definitions – predicates

The following relations were discussed and compared with the html conventions to see if this work will correct the inconsistencies:

  • Subject: ContractModificationNotice

Predicate: ‘modifies’ is replaced with ‘announcesModification’

Object: Contract

  • Subject: Procedure

Predicate: uses

Object: AccessTerm

Inverse: isSubjectTo

  • Subject: PlannedProcurementPart

Predicate: uses

Object: Channel

This relation is deleted as it is not required in the mapping.

  • Subject: FrameworkAgreementTechnique

Predicate: uses

Object: EAuctionTechnique

This relation is deleted as it is not required in the mapping. It is not clear if FrameworkAgreement or the FrameworkAgreementTechnique uses the eAuctionTechnique.

  • Subject: Procedure

Predicate: uses

Object: ExclusionGround

The CCCEV has to be revisit as this relation needs to be changed. Lot should specify the procurement criterion which should in turn be related to the CCCEV.

  • Subject: LotGroup

Predicate: uses

Object: ‘FrameworkAgreementTechnique’ replaced with ‘Technique’ as FrameworkAgreementTechnique is a Technique

Definition: Relation indicating that a lot or a grouplot uses a technique

Inverse: is UsedBy

This needs to be checked in more detail.

  • Subject: Lot

Predicate: uses

Object: Technique

Some definitions have been added to the relations discussed on 18 and 25 May. The minutes have been updated.