Working Group meeting

Date: 26/10/2021
Participants: Hilde Kjølset, Natalie Muric, Thor Steinar Møller, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugen Costezki
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  1. Announce that a request will be sent to the WG about reviewing the proposed attribute definitions where currently missing.

    • Any comments to be discussed on the 9th of November

  2. Announce that more review requests are coming as we document and propose corrections to the constraint violations.

  3. Propose to record the ontology requirements, assumptions & (modelling) principles.

  4. Approve with the group meeting that distilling/de-conflating the sub-role table into “derived role” and “derived function” (to which is also an “activity”/”action”) is (a) useful and (b) that what we need in ePO is the “derived function” column.

  5. BDTI query returning multiple labels: how urgent is this?

  6. What shall be presented to the DG GROW?

    • Proposal to revise:

      • Comments on the labels and definitions?

      • Distinction between roles and actions/functions extracted from their labels?

      • Discuss Roles and add comments for EU Vocabulary List (eg. mediator has a label Mediation Organisation)



Subroles can be carried out by the organisations and roles list.
In Norway, in the current notices, the subroles are not used. They might be used in the future eForms.

At the moment, we are using the “derived functions”. Need to decide if the “derived roles” and their functions are conflated.

Presented the recipient example:


If we ask DG GROW to remove “Organisation” from the Label in EU Vocabularies it will be enough.

Adding comments for EU Vocabulary List:

  • bud-pay → Do you mean this is the 'Organisation that provides funding for the contract'? Then this would be a "funding contract".

  • group-lead → Possibly removing it from this list (where a group member is also listed). This is not a role of an agent participating in an action, it is a role of an agent in a social construct (that of associating as a group) And this list became more about action rather than role(s).

  • info-prov → providing additional information about the procurement procedure.

  • offl-acc → providing offline access to the procurement documents.

  • procesor → processing tenders. Note: is there a use case for this?

  • recipient → receiving tenders. Note: is there a use case for this?

  • req-proc → processing requests to participate. Note: is there a use case for this?

  • req-recep → receiving requests to participate.

  • rev-info → providing more information on the review procedures.

  • signatory → signing the contract. Note: signing on the side of the buyer is right?


Revising Roles list in order to make sure we have covered each role and provided pertinent comments to DG GROW.

Add “The role of an agent that is responsible for…​” to each definition of a Role.

ben-own → Beneficial Owner should be an attribute of the Buyer, if we take into account the discussion from group-lead.
Definitions proposed for adoption:

  • buyer

  • cpb-acq → changed definition to “The role of a central purchasing body acquiring supplies and/or services intended for other buyers.”

  • cpb-awa → changed definition to “The role of a central purchasing body awarding public contracts or concluding framework agreements for works, supplies or services intended for other buyers.”

  • mediator

  • reviewer

  • serv-prov

  • subcont

  • tenderer

rev-req → new definition: “Role of an agent who requests the review of a (procurement) procedure.”

Winner → changed definition to “A role of an agent to whom a lot is awarded.”

Questions DG GROW:

  • Do we find the distinction between roles and their function useful?

    • We should bring this to DG GROW’s attention.

  • What’s the difference between processing and receiving requests? (do we have a use case for this?)

  • Organisation-subrole:

    • This list appears to concern only the “buying side” of the procurement, except for group lead which could be also on the economic Operator side”.

    • It should be noted that group lead appears to be a role in a social construct rather than a role in an activity, which is the case for the rest of the codes.

    • We would therefore suggest that this is a direct attribute of the “buyer” and the “economic operator”.

    • Signatory may apply to the “economic operator” side therefore making it specific to the buyer (eg. buyer signatory) would exclude possible interpretations.


  • Attribute definitions by 8th of November, to be requested by message in the MsTeams (not email).

  • Roles and Subroles worksheets are done and ready to be presented to DG GROW.