Working Group meeting 11/01/2022

Date: 11/01/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Giorgia Lodi, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugen Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pas─âre


  • Extension management methodology (for CEN needed soon)

  • Need for having notices published in RDF format in Cellar

  • Discussion regarding at-voc:nuts and other options that can be used instead

  • Document on explaining modelling roles

  • Core Location alignment - go through the open issues labelled Location and close where possible

  • GitHub structure presentation - branches & documents

Extension management methodology

  • In CEN working will be discussed process models, needing to refer to the EPO.

  • Extension of EPO (as APs or models) with specific attributes and relations is foreseen.

  • Potential issue: redundant extension; therefore EPO governance is needed.

  • Need: asset governance formalisation for EPO.

  • Guidance document needed before Q2.

Core location implementation

Agents diagram:

  • epo:Location has been removed

  • epo:Address has been changed to locn:Address (with specific attributes and definitions)

  • All predicates from epo classes to epo:Location were moved to locn:Address and renamed to epo:hasAddress and epo:hasRegisteredAddress

Competition diagram:

  • Replaced epo:LocationCoordinate with dct:Location (with specific attributes and definitions)

  • Added locn:Geometry class (with specific attributes and definitions)


  • epo:hasLocationCoordinate should be deleted

  • locn:Address should be linked to locn:Geometry

  • Should we move epo:hasOpeningPlace to dct:Location? Double check if epo:OpeningTerm is a spatial object

  • It seems that epo:Location class was not removed; it should be removed

  • In eForms we use L3 NUTS code, but if we align to core location they provide locn:adminUnitL1 and locn:adminUnitL2

  • Should we consider INSPIRE instead of Core Location or ask Core Location to make changes in order to be more flexible

  • Should locn:adminUnitL1 link to at-voc:country instead of at-voc:nuts?

  • What can we do with locn:adminUnitL2? Keep it linked to at-voc:nuts.

  • We miss level 3 of at-voc:nuts. We could add a predicate for L3.

  • Ask Core Location for details on how we can go to L3 NUTS.

  • Change the model to the following diagram and test it with real data.


GitHub structure - branches & documents:

  • Renamed branches to better reflect the development:

    • feature/sandbox-roles

    • feature/notice-systematisation

    • feature/model-refactoring

  • Created specific GitHub issues for branches: #333 and #334

  • Generated HTML reports for master branch and model-refactoring branch; added them to epo-docs repository in order to be displayed on

  • Created automated owl generation when publishing on master, along with a conformance check.


  • Delete the sandbox folder from master branch.