Working Group meeting 18/01/2022

Date: 18/01/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Hilde Kjølset, Giorgia Lodi, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • A new branch from sept 2021 was created to host a frozen version of the ePO model at that time, including Reg2015 and BDTI AP modules. The later APs are removed from the dev version of ePO (master branch).

  • Present the DEV version of the ePO documentation.

  • Some epo:Indicator attributes are missing. We recommend adding the indicators where possible.

  • Document on explaining modelling roles

    • Finished implementing Subroles

Discuss indicator attributes:

  • The use case for BT - 634 Procurement Relaunched is the announcement that a Procedure should be relaunched.

    • An option is to add it to the Contract Award Notice phase.

    • Can we use epo:announcesToBeRelaunched instead of this?

    • This is related to epo:hasNonAwardJustification .

    • A procedure can be cancelled before Awarding.

  • New definition for epo:hasAdditionalNonAwardJustification attribute on epo:LotAwardDecisionSituation class:

“Further justification for the non award.

Additional Information:
This is generally used when the non award reason code is set to “Other”.

WG 18/01/2022”

  • The procurement process is per Lot.

  • epo:announcesProcedureWillBeRelaunched relations were added from epo:ContractAwardNotice to epo:Procedure and epo:Lot in order to map BT-634.

  • At the Procedure level we created a relation epo:isProcedureToBeRelaunched attribute as epo:Indicator on the epo:ContractAwardNotice class.

  • At the Lot level we created a relation epo:announcesCancelledLotToBeRelaunched between epo:ContractAwardNotice and epo:Lot.

  • Added a new definition for epo:isProcedureToBeRelaunched: “Indicates whether a whole procedure or only a part of it shall be relaunched.

Additional Information:

If it’s True it means either the Procedure or Lot shall be relaunched.
This indicator should be used in tandem with the relation announcesCancelledLotToBeRelaunched if it concerns one or more lots.
If, however, no link to the lots is specified, then it indicates that the whole procedure shall be relaunched.

WG approval 18/01/2022”

Composition & specification relations between Procedure and Lot

  • We recommend using composition type of relation between Procedure and Lot and delete specification relations.

  • Changed epo:isComposedOf to epo:hasComponent.

  • Procedure does not exist without Lots.

Inclusion relation between Tender and TenderLot

  • A Tender does not exist without TenderLots.

  • Changed the inclusion relation between Tender and TenderLots to a composition. === Subroles implementation

The subroles were initially modelled as relations from Buyer and Reviewer role classes to Lot class. All these relations have been reified into either Terms or Situations, i.e. deleted and the appropriate relational class created or augmented.

Initial state


Final state