Working Group meeting 01/03/2022

Date: 01/03/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Giorgia Lodi, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Continue discussing current issues and old decisions related to Amount and related classes.

    • Tender was merged into TenderLot:

      • show the result

      • ask about “isSubjectTo” submission term

    • Continue discussing the List of values:

    • What is the proper way to assign phase dependent information to Lot / TenderLot and other Rigid (OntoClean meaning) classes? This brings us back to the value assignments as estimates, awardings. This relates to a large extent to the idea of situations and the reason they were evoked in the first place.

  • Discuss Documents diagram.


Tender & TenderLot merging

  • There were two isSubjectTo relations:

    • epo:Tender epo:isSubjectTo epo:SubmissionTerm

    • epo:TenderDocument epo:isSubjectTo epo:SubmissionTerm

  • These two seem redundant after merging Tender with TenderLot.

  • The attributes from the SubmissionTerm class are mixed between Tender and Submission related attributes.

  • The guarantee and the electronic Signature are not at the Submission level.

  • We might need to create a TenderTerms class.

  • The bi-directional epo:attaches/epo:isAttachedIn relation between Tender and TenderDocument does not seem right as well.

  • A document may attach another document.

  • Removed any epo:attaches/epo:isAttachedIn relations from subclasses of epo:Document and create an unidirectional relation epo:attaches/epo:isAttachedTo at the epo:Document level.

  • Changing the definition for epo:Document with the following:

  • epo:RequestForClarification is on the EO side, but has nothing to do with the Tender (not a Tender Document).

This is a diagram for a future Application Profile:

  • The RequestForClarification, RequestForParticipation and ExpressionOfInterest are not generalisations of TenderDocument.

  • TenderDocument is no longer needed.

  • The association attaches / isAttachedTo should be replace by associatedWith.

  • The attaches predicate between Tender and ESPD response, Technical Offer and Financial Offer should be subproperties of associatedWith within any AP that will be created.

*Decisions: *

  • Investigate whether we need to create a TenderTerms class. (to distinguish between the action of submission and the content of submission)