Working Group meeting 15/03/2022

Date: 15/03/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Giorgia Lodi, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pas─âre


  • Continue discussing current issues and old decisions related to Amount and related classes.

    • Continue discussing the List of values:

      • BT-161

      • BT-118

      • BT-156

      • BT-709

      • BT-660

      • BT-710

      • BT-711

    • *Decide LotGroup model: *final version of Lot/LotGroup/SubmissionTerm/Tender

      • Tender is always submitted on a Lot (never on a LotGroup)

      • Tender may be subject to grouping by a LotGroup (at most one)

    • Consider SubmissionResult situation

    • Consider AwardResult situation

      • framework agreement is not interchangeable with award results even if some values may be the same.

    • What is the proper way to assign __phase dependent information to Lot_ / TenderLot and other Rigid (OntoClean meaning) classes? This brings us back to the value assignments as estimates, awardings. This relates to a large extent to the idea of situations and the reason they were evoked in the first place._

  • Discuss Roles and Situations.


Decide LotGroup model

(proposed model)


This proposed model is in agreement with the WG members.

Below we have an example of grouping Lots:


AwardResult situation

(proposed model)


An Evaluation Result that leads to an Award Decision.

SubmissionResult situation

Creating an instance example for tender submission:


Should we represent parallel ranking or keep it at the level of Lot?


It is decided to keep T B G 1&2 outside of the model.

Business terms that indicate values

BT-161 and BT-118 are just computed data.
StatisticalInformation is only good after the contract has been awarded.

Discussion about epo:StatisticalInformation:

  • Replace TenderLot with Tender in all attributes: check epo:StatisticalInformation.

  • We need epo:StatisticalInformation at the Result Notice level and Lot level.

  • This information is published only in Result, DAP and Completion Notices.



  • LotGroup is defined in ProcedureTerm.

  • Tender is always submitted on a Lot (never on a LotGroup)

  • Tender may be subject to grouping by a LotGroup (at most one)

  • /!\ This means that we still need to think about how to represent the financial offer for a LotGroup in the context of a LotGroup Tender submission.