Working Group meeting 22/03/2022

Date: 22/03/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Giorgia Lodi, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pas─âre


  • Show WG how the Diagrams Values are currently transposed from the sandbox into the ePO model:

    • Show the Information classes

    • Show the AwardResult situation

  • In eForms (Rethink Tender/TenderLot, Tender as something englobing a group of lots)

    • Tender is perLot or group of lot, which is not necessarily the same as a LotGroup;

    • A contract is per Tender

  • We can look into Roles

  • (Situations shall still be revised first)


Tender and Values

  • There are multiple types of values:

    • Award related values

    • Submission related values

    • Estimated related values

  • The BTs should not be mentioned in the ePO definitions. Proposing to remove these in another place. Maybe as notes in the diagrams.

  • The value-type document should be saved somewhere in the github.

Diagram for estimation related values:


Diagram for submission related values:

  • A tender is usually composed of documents, one of them being a financial offer. The document that is the financial offer contains the financial offer value.

  • Should we remove the source of the epo:hasFinancialOffer relation from epo:Tender to epo:FinancialOffer?

  • When modelling the ESPD response we will need the epo:FinancialOffer class.

  • The goal is to make sure that ePO covers at best the eForms and standard Forms.

  • The ESPD should be a module itself and eOffer as well.

  • Moving epo:TechnicalOffer and epo:FinancialOffer to eOffer module.

  • Moving epo:ESPDResponse and epo:ESPDRequest to ESPD module.

  • The StatisticalInformation classes should remain in the ePO module.

Diagram for award related values:


The LotAwardDecision is the Result.
In the end, the value is associated with the Lot.
An Award Decision can not have a value.


  • In the ePO module we aim at covering the eForms and standardForms.

  • The BDTI AP should be modified since we renamed the ContractAwardNotice class into ResultNotice