Working Group meeting 10/05/2022

Date: 10/05/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Collect feedback on the refactored model === Discussion

  • The upper level of the chain can not be accessed and there might have been relationships at the upper level (how the Tender is involved in the submission process).

  • Creating a Glossary for procuring it at the european level.

  • Takes time to familiarise with the model

Publication: asserts inventory

  • EAP model

  • OWL core, OWL restrictions, SHACL shapes,

  • HTML generated by EA with diagrams

  • Glossary of terms (classes, properties, attributes)

  • Documentation explaining where the assets are and how to navigate them ==== Publication plan:

  • Revise in the WG narrower

    • Collect feedback

    • Implement or plan for the future

  • Revise in the WG broader

    • Collect feedback

    • Implement or plan for the future

  • Publish ==== Feedback

  • Need Tenderer and Submission view

  • DOLCE in Core vocabularies might be inconsistent

  • The objects over time view is valuable ==== User experience

  • Main objects over time

  • Unfold phases

  • Unpack what is relevant for each phase ( which objects/types? ) === Action points

  • Prepare and publish a glossary of classes and properties/attributes

    • An HTML page sorted with an index (A, B, C)

  • Find a way to make the model easily presentable

    • Creating easily to navigate diagrams

  • Contextual information hierarchies/relation diagrams needs reworking

    • Dangling objects?

    • What keeps them together?

    • Award

  • Add connections between roles and objects

    • Tenderer tender

    • Lot/Procedure buyer

  • Make sure that the roles have the context clearly indicated

    • Which objects may be valid contexts for each role

  • Make a diagram for

    • Submission

    • Award

    • Contract

  • Finally put all the classes in a flat list

  • Hide links to objects that are not part of the core

    • E.g. upper level

    • E.g. diagrams from other modules

  • Model the Award Decision

    • An AwardDecision can capture outcomes of awarding multiple Lots

      • Rename the LotAwardOutcome into “LotAwardDecision”

    • The AwardDecision is not a document it is a ProcurementObject

    • A Procedure can have multiple AwardDecisions

    • An AwardDecision has identifier

    • A Tender and an AwardDecisions are at the same level

  • Show how terms are associated to a Procedure, Lot, Contract

  • Presenting the FIBO model with agent-in-role pattern.

  • epo:Contract - epo:LotAwardDecision: rename the relation from epo:includesLotAwardOutcome into epo:isResultOfLotAwardDecision

  • epo:ContractTerm should be connected to the epo:Contract and not the epo:Lot (?)

    • Shall we consider the epo:TemplateContract / epo:DraftContract