Working Group meeting 05/07/2022

Date: 05/07/2022
Participants: Georgia Lodi, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto, Reka Markovich
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pas─âre


  • VAT ontology

  • Discuss feedback on ePO version 3.0.0

    • GitHub issue 357

    • CV buyer legal type

    • Joint venture and Organisation Group === Discussion

VAT ontology

  • This is a new specific ontology project coming from the University of Luxembourg.

  • Judgement cases will be used for this project.

  • The model can emerge from the already existing data. Some requirements that are important for the modelling come from the data.

  • This can be linked to eOrdering and eCatalogue ( see GH 355)

Feedback on ePO version 3.0.0

Gihub issue 357
  • The attribute epo:isCompetitionTermination is already deleted in version 3.0.0 beta.

  • Now we have two predicates from epo:CompetitionTerminationInformation:

    • epo:concernsProcedureCompetitionTermination

    • epo:concernsLotCompetitionTermination

  • Renaming the above predicates to:

    • epo:concernsProcedure

    • epo:concernsLot

  • We need to create a class that hold both information about relaunch and termination (Procurement Relaunch BT-634)

  • The Dynamic Purchase System (DPS) should link to Lot and Procedure (epo:DynamicPurchaseSystemTechnique).

  • A procedure should use a technique (from the current standard forms), also a lot (from eForms).

  • The technique is merely a controlled list.

  • At the moment ePO provides the following path: epo:Lot epo:usesTechnique epo:Technique.

  • This aspect should be addressed with the current standard forms mappings.

  • BT-119 DPS Termination is the same concept as lot/procedure competition termination.

  • A DPS legally has no end date until it is terminated.

  • It is not the DPS technique that should have the termination attribute, but the DPS. One option is to create a DPS class and an EAuction class, and move all attributes from technique classes to those newly created classes.

  • Also, a technique should not have a validity period (epo:Technique epo:hasValidityPeriod epo:Period)

  • In 2.0.1 the attribute epo:hasMaximumParticipantsNumber was on epo:FrameworkAgreementTerm.

  • Is the period redundant?

  • The usage for eAuction or DPS should not be at the technique level.

  • We can have a framework agreement that uses EAuction.

  • The dps-usage codelist should probably be associated with the notice class, because it is about the notice.

  • If we say that a procedure uses a DPS technique, it means that the specific procedure is a DPS.

  • The CV legal type for the buyer is not really appropriate. The buyer is just a role, while if you see the CV there are values like Regional Authority. Regional Authority is a type of the organisation not of the role.

Joint venture and Organisation Group
  • Should an OrganisationGroup be an Organisation?

    • Yes, it should be implemented like this.


Action Points

  • Revise techniques diagram:

    • Procedure and Lot should use a technique.

    • Remove attributes from the technique classes.

    • The at-voc:usage codelist should not be at the EAuction technique level.

    • Also see where at-voc:dps-usage should be.

    • Create classes for DPS and EAuction.

    • Get rid of validity period

      • They belong to instances and not techniques

  • Revise CompetitionTerminationInformation and RelaunchInformation modelling.

  • Procedure should have a period.