eCatalogue meeting

Date: 14/07/2022
Participants: Veit Jahns, Natalie Muric
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre

Discuss GH 356

  • The below model is proposed

  • Below is an example of instantiating the model:


Discuss GH 343

  • The below model is proposed

  • Some changes were made to the model:

  • Adding/checking definitions of all new elements:

    • epo:hasCertificateNumber “Proof that compliance to a given standard has been verified.
      Additional Information:
      Such standards may relate to social, ethical and quality etc.”

Discuss GH 355

Additional Information:
Charge category indicates the nature of the tax/duty/fee, for example VAT, CAR, etc.
Charge category modifier may be used in case different levels, exemptions or other modifications apply.
The charge can be fixed or relative to the price.”

Action Point

  1. Everything in the eCatalogue module should have the epo-ecat prefix.

  2. Definitions should be completed.