Working Group meeting 19/07/2022

Date: 19/07/2022
Participants: Paloma Arillo, Cecile Guasch
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Close eCatalogue GH issue 343

  • Start discussing eOrdering


Environmental/Social labels for items

  • There is a collection of requirements and there are several labels. Each of these associations provide certification schemes.

  • It is not good to look at that only from the label perspective.

  • There is a connection between the requirement set and the procurement criteria, and some of the labels can serve as a fulfilment as a procurement criteria.

  • CCCEV might be used in these circumstances. Might complement these labels.

  • Some subtypes of criteria can constitute a requirement for a particular label.

  • Directive 2014/24 mentions the following:

    • (75) Contracting authorities that wish to purchase works, supplies or services with specific environmental, social or other characteristics should be able to refer to particular labels, such as the European Eco-label, (multi-)national eco-labels or any other label provided that the requirements for the label are linked to the subject-matter of the contract, such as the description of the product and its presentation, including packaging requirements. It is furthermore essential that those requirements are drawn up and adopted on the basis of objectively verifiable criteria, using a procedure in which stakeholders, such as government bodies, consumers, manufacturers, distributors and environmental organisations, can participate, and that the label is accessible and available to all interested parties. It should be clarified that stakeholders could be public or private bodies, businesses or any sort of non-governmental organisation[…​].

    • (23) ‘label’ means any document, certificate or attestation confirming that the works, products, services, processes or procedures in question meet certain requirements;

    • (24) ‘label requirements’ means the requirements to be met by the works, products, services, processes or procedures in question in order to obtain the label concerned.

  • CCCEV should be revised and compared with the actual modelling of Environmental/Social labels.

  • Information Concept (CCCEV) seems to be a Label concept, based on the definition.

  • To the currently proposed model of Item labels we should add concepts from CCCEV as presented in the diagram below:

  • Certification is on the item.

  • The eCatalogue module developed is only for the exchange of information between catalogue providers and receivers.

  • Any additional requirement for other use cases should be added as a github issue.

  • The GitHub ticket can now be closed.

Action Points

  1. Create an issue for CCCEV: Evidence should not be a subclass of dcat:Dataset.