eFulfilment meeting 11/08/2022

Date: 11/08/2022
Participants: Veit Jahns, Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellitto
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


Discuss the Roles structure from PEPPOL Despatch Advice

  • In PEPPOL, the roles are split into parties like:

    • Customer

    • Supplier

    • Carrier

  • In ePO Supplier and Carrier are classes that go on the Economic Operator side, while Customer goes on the Buyer side.

  • Buyer and Customer should be at the same level in the ePO.

  • In UBL, whenever we have a “party” we map to Organisation.

  • We should find a gathering concept for all the roles on the buyer (procurer) side and another gathering concept for the economic operator (seller) side.

  • In the post-award phase, the Buyer becomes the Customer and the Winner becomes the Supplier.

  • Using the term “party” for concepts in ePO will be too confusing with UBL.

  • The definition of party from UBL is: “Party:
    A class to describe an organisation, sub-organization, or individual fulfilling a role in a business process.”

  • We can have a PurchasingActor and a SupplingActor.

  • The customer definition does not fit for ProcurementServiceProvider.

  • Supplier for pre-award phase does not work.

  • This does not fit well, so Customer, Supplier and Carrier will be removed for the time being.

  • Buyer and Consignee are parties in UBL and in ePo they are roles.

  • Conceptually, parties are some kind of role.

  • Discussing the Buyer roles dependencies:

  • You have to award in order to be able to sign.

  • Originator has two different definitions in PEPPOL:

    • From despatch: The party who will eventually receive and consume the goods and on whose behalf the buyer makes the purchase.

    • From ordering: A person or unit that initiates an order.

  • Adding a new responsibility for the Buyer role:

    • In Ordering: A person or unit that initiates an order.

    • In Fulfilment: The party who will eventually receive and consume the goods and on whose behalf the buyer makes the purchase.

  • New roles might need to be added:

    • Procedure awarder

    • Procedure initiator

  • Getting the roles from ePO frozen version 2.0.2.

  • Synchronise definitions and names for roles concepts.

  • Deliveree and Consignee are similar in Despatch.

  • Decided to change the namespaces so we can differentiate between roles in different PEPPOL diagrams:


Consignee versus Deliveree

  • The different definitions of Consignee from PEPPOL Ordering and PEPPOL Despatch Advice are discussed.

    • This is compared with the epo:Deliveree from frozen 2.0.2 definition.

  • Created an ePO issue GH 367:

    • Updating the definition to epo-ord:Deliveree.

    • epo-ord:Deliveree to be equivalent to both the roles of Consignee in PEPPOL ordering and in PEPPOL despatch advice, both of which have different definitions. ==== Originator

  • We have 3 different definitions:

    • PEPPOL ordering: “A person or unit that initiates an order.”

    • PEPPOL despatch advice” “The party who will eventually receive and consume the goods and on whose behalf the buyer makes the purchase.”

    • ePO Ordering “A role of an agent that expresses the needs to trigger the procurement.
      Additional Information:
      The originator is often the end-user.”

  • Triggering an order does not mean that it will receive it as well.

  • Proposed concepts to be discussed in the following meeting:

  • Created an ePO issue GH 368.