Working Group meeting 13/09/2022

Date: 13/09/2022
Participants: Cecile Guasch, Natalie Muric, Csongor Nyulas, Giovanni Paolo Sellito
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre



  • Summary of what has been done in the ePO group in the last couple of months.

Github 152

  • If the SME checkbox is checked we will "reuse" the Organization instance, and we will add epo:Business as an additional type.

Github 156

  • If an Organization is not an SME does not mean it should be a large SME.

  • This issue can be closed as we agreed that the current representation is the best that we can do.

Github 149

  • epo:refersToProcedure between epo:ResultNotice and epo:Procedure should be renamed since it’s too general.

    • epo:announcesAwardOfProcedure is not ok since the award is at lot level

    • epo:finalizeProcedure is not ok since we have completion phase for this

  • Decided to change the source class for epo-not:refersToProcedure to make it a super-property from epo:ResultNotice to epo:Notice

    • Prefix was changed to epo:

    • Making epo-not:announcesProcedure (from both epo-not:CompetitionNotice and epo-not:DirectAwardPrenotification) sub-properties of epo:refersToProcedure

  • Decided to have the prefix epo: for all relations going from epo:Notice.


Github 138

  • Propose to add a new code in the at-voc:non-award-justification to cover this specific subsection: "No tenders or requests to participate were received or all were rejected".

Github 127

  • Decided to use a different predicate, epo:hasAwardedValue that goes from epo:LotAwardOutcome to epo:MonetaryValue.


New Github issues

  • Added a new GH issue 161.