Working Group meeting

Date: 04/10/2022
Participants: Csongor Nyulas
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pas─âre


  • Proposing new model for procurement objects


  • Since epo:Lot, epo:Procedure and epo:PlannedProcurementPart are all procurement objects with more properties in common, it was decided to make epo:ProcurementObject a gathering class only for these three objects.

  • A temporary definition that needs to be revised within the following WGM has been added to epo:ProcurementObject:

The whole or a division of goods, services or works to be procured.

Additional Information:
Anything that can specify the procurement content (i.e. goods, services, work) is a Procurement Object. _
_In a sense, such an "object" can constitute the "object of a contract".

To test whether something is a Procedure Object check if it can have a Purpose and/or CPV classification (The CPV establishes a single classification system for public procurement aimed at standardising the references used by contracting authorities and entities to describe the subject of procurement contracts.).

Procedure, seems to be an exception from this rule. Because it is a conflated term: it carries process properties and "purpose" properties.

  • Created epo:ProcurementElement as a gathering class for all procurement elements that are involved in the procurement process, including epo:ProcurementObject.

  • A temporary definition that needs to be revised within the following WGM has been added to epo:ProcurementElement:

Gathering class for critical/central elements in the procurement process.

TODO: add definition
Additional information:
Alias: ProcurementComponent

  • The following relations epo:isSubjectToProcedureTerm, epo:isSubjectToLotTerm are now sub-properies of epo:isSubjectToTerm predicate between epo:ProcurementObject and epo:Term.

  • Deleted epo:isSubjectToPlanningTerm predicate between epo:PlannedProcurementPart and epo:ProcessPlanningTerm.

  • The source class for epo:hasEstimatedValue was changed from epo:Lot and epo:Procedure to epo:ProcurementObject.

  • Both predicates, epo:refersToPlannedPart and epo:usesTechnique, were moved from epo:Lot and epo:Procedure to epo:ProcurementObject.