eOrdering meeting 06/10/2022

Date: 06/10/2022
Participants: Veit Jahns, Wim Kok, Pietro Palermo, Thomas Petterson, Victor Den Toom, Ivan Willer
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Discussing order only diagram.


  • Order only diagram is based on PEPPOL use cases.

Use case 1 - Ordering of numbered items/articles

  • This use case contains an order of numbered items/articles.

  • At the moment, the Price is at the OrderLine level.

  • The Price might be at the Item level and not at the Line level.

  • The justification for having the Price at the Line level is that we need to be able to track the price in the context of the catalogue and order.

  • It is preferred that the Price is at the Item level.

  • We can not defer to the decision made in the Catalogue module, so we should keep the Price at the Line level in order to be consistent.

  • In UBL Price is not mandatory, but what kind of order is without a Price.

  • Some Items are free and the Price is equal to 0.

  • Order Only is intended to be used with a catalogue.

  • An OrderLine can refer to a CatalogueLine.

    • Added new predicate epo-ord:refersToCatalogueLine [0..1] with Source epo:OrderLine and target epo:CatalogueLine.

    • The reference to the catalogue line is for information only, to trace the source of the information provided in the order line.

  • Adding a similar relation between Order and Catalogue, epo-ord:refersToCatalogue [0..1]

  • If we don’t refer to a catalogue, we should refer to a contract by using epo-cat:isSubordinatedToContract.

  • If an order refers to multiple catalogues then all these catalogues ideally are subordinated to the same contract.

  • One Invoice can refer to many Order/Contracts/Deliveries.

  • The epo-ord:OrderLine epo-ord:hasPlaceOfDelivery a dct:Location.

  • If multiple order lines refer to the same location, then the location object does not need to be replicated, but rather referred to by the different lines. Added a new class epo-ord:DeliveryInstruction:

  • The name of the class should be revised and the definition added.

Action points

  • Discuss more on having the Price at the Item level rather than at the level of Line.