Working Group meeting 11/10/2022

Peter Borresen, Mauro, Natalie Muric, Csongor Nyulas, Pietro Palermo, Emidio Stani
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Discuss eFulfilment and eOrdering roles.


Despatcher role

  • Can the despatcher be a different organisation than the seller?

    • It is not necessarily the seller.

    • There are 3 options: the seller, the buyer or another organisation.

    • We need to indicate another organisation besides the seller.

  • In case of a service, the supplier of the service is the same as the despatcher.

  • We can not use the verb provide because it means supply.

  • Added definition:

    • The role of an agent who sends the goods or notifies of the service or works execution.

Additional Information:
The role is carried out by the supplier or on behalf of the supplier.
Despatcher is also known as Despatch Party, Consignor, deliverer.

  • Prefix is epo-ful.

Invoicer role

  • It would be useful to model which “party” can play this role: buyer side, seller side or third party (acting on behalf of the seller or acting on behalf of the buyer).

  • Added definition:

    • The role of an agent who claims the payment and is responsible for resolving billing issues and payment arrangements. Additional information:
      Most of the time the invoicer is the seller.
      Rhw invoicer may or may not be the owner of the credit owed by the Buyer.
      Also known in other contexts as invoice issuer, accounts receivable or creditor.

Roles discussion

  • Primary Roles:

    • sending and receiving Public Procurement information (documents, data packages, etc.)

  • Secondary Roles:

    • Involved in the process described in information exchange (documents, data packages, etc.), so they are "referred to" or "mentioned".

  • Primary:

    • actors in the process (Seller, Buyer)

  • Secondary:

    • actors acting on behalf of (Seller, Buyer)

  • Tertiary:

    • (third parties)/actors just participating in the process and only mentioned

Predicate discussion

  • Discussing relations from epo-ord:Order:

  • These relations seem to be mixed.

  • Changed epo-ord:isDeliveredByDespatcher to epo-ord:isSentByDespatcher.

  • Changed epo-ord:isDeliveredToDeliveree to epo-ord:isDeliveredToConsignee.


Deliverer/Carrier role

  • Deliverer and carrier are synonyms, but the definitions that we provided in ePO for these two roles make them not synonyms.

  • epo-ord:Deliverer seems to be copied over from ePO 2.0.2 from Order Reification diagram.

  • Decided to merge Deliverer and Carrier into the same role.

  • Added definition for Carrier:

    • The role of an agent who handles the physical delivery/transportation of the despatched shipment.

Additional information:
The role is also known as Deliverer.

WG approval: 11/10/2022

  • The prefix for this role is epo-ful: since the Carrier is not known in the ordering phase.

Github issues

  • Some new GH issues (381, 382, 383) were discussed and need to be approached.

  • We need to try and react soon to these new issues.