eOrdering meeting 03/11/2022

Date: 03/11/2022
Participants: Natalie Muric, Thomas Petterson, Giampaolo Sellito, Ivan Wiler
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Order only model overview


  • Starting by discussing the PEPPOL Order only use cases.

Use case 1

  • Last time we discussed the first use case from Order only - ordering of numbered items/articles.

  • We have an Order concept that is linked to an OrderLine. We can not have an OrderLine without specifying an item.

  • An OrderLine specifies a delivery by using the concept DeliveryInformation. The DeliveryInformation specifies a place of delivery and a place of storage.

  • The OrderLine specifies an Originator

  • The DeliveryInformation specifies a Beneficiary and a Consignee.

  • A Buyer and Seller are both specified at the level of Order.

  • The Order is invoiced to an Invoicee.

  • The Order can also specify a Despatcher.

Use case 2

  • This use case contains an order of free text articles.

  • A Validity Period is specified at the Order level.

  • The flow is the following:

    • The buyer creates the order with 2 different lines and items.

    • The seller receives the order.

Use case 3

  • An order of translation services.

  • Delivery location and period is specified.

  • The flow is the following:

    • The buyer creates the order with one line requesting translation between Swedish and Spanish.

    • The seller receives the order.

Use case 4

  • From a modeling point of view there is no difference between Charge and Discount.

  • ChargeInformation inherits all properties from PriceModifier.

  • An OrderLine can have one or more ChargeInformation/DiscountInformation.

  • An Order can have one or more ChargeInformation/DiscountInformation.

Use case 5

  • The Delivery Party should not be the Despatcher role.

  • Semantically speaking, the delivery party should be the actual carrier.

  • In Denmark, the Beneficiary is the final delivery point.

  • From a PEPPOL point of view, in UBL the Delivery Party was mapped wrongly.

  • Updated the Additional Information section of the Beneficiary concept by adding the following: “In UBL/PEPPOL it is known as Delivery Party.”

  • Removed epo:dependsOnRole predicate at the epo:AgentInRole level.

All roles in 5 use cases in PEPPOL eOrdering are covered.

DeliveryInformation definition uses word parties that may need to be reconsidered depending on how party is defined in the ontology.