Working Group meeting

Date: 08/11/2022
Participants: Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellito, Emidio Stani
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre



Standard Form F20

The problem of identity is discussed in the beginning of the meeting. Probably it is easier to have two organisations when we change any property.
The proposed approach is the following:


We have an instance, Procedure2 (in the Contract Modification Notice), which is the same as Procedure1 (in the Contract Notice).

But the modification is at the level of Contract, not the Procedure or Lot. A contract has its own CPV codes. These are modifications during the execution of a Contract.
When we have a Contract, the Procedure is over.
This is not modelled in ePO yet. The current model is not correct and we should take another look at it.
Based on the definition of the Procedure class, it seems that the model presents an instance of a process.
After a discussion in the WG, it was concluded that the modifications are on the epo:Contract, not any other ProcurementObject. The Contract module of EPO is not yet completely modelled, and therefore modifications implementation should be addressed as part of the modelling Contract module.

Github issue 386 - group leader

The definition for Group Leader in ePO 3.0.1 is “A role of an agent that is the primary contact for a group of organisations.”
The proposal was to remove the epo:GroupLeader since this role is already encoded in the relations between epo:OrganisationGroup and org:Organization:



This is an new authority table in EU vocabularies:


A new ticket has been added on github:

Concession contract

The concession contract should be discussed. There are 2 URIs: one from CPSV and ePO and both definitions should be discussed.
Since the 3.0.0 release of ePO, it introduced the concept of ConcessionContract, which is already present in CPSV-AP.
Definition in ePO:
“A contract between one or more buyers and one or more economic operators giving the right to the economic operators to exploit the rights foreseen in the contract which may include the receipt of payments.”
Definition in CPSV-AP:
“Concessions are contracts for pecuniary interest by means of which one or more contracting authorities or contracting entities entrusts the execution of works, of the provision and the management of services, to one or more economic operators.” From Directive 2014/23/EU (paragraph 11)
In CPSV-AP, a cv:Contract is a subclass of epo:Contract.


We should decide on a single definition in order to use only epo:ConcessionContract in both CPSV-AP and ePO.
But the PublicOrganization and economic operator are also at the level of epo:Contract, not only ConcessionContract.
A concession contract is not related only to Directive 2014/23/EU.

It is proposed to use epo:Contract class instead of epo:ConcessionContract in CPSV-AP.

The relation between cv:ConcessionContract to eli:LegalResource, establishedUnder, is not yet represented in ePO, since we did not model the Contract yet.
But in ePO we use only European law, an ePO can not maintain an eli:LegalResource.
Another proposal is to create a ServiceConcessionContract in CPSV-AP that is a subclass of epo:ConcessionContract.



Changed the definition of epo:Contractor to:
“The role of an agent that has signed a contract with a Buyer.
WG approval 08/11/2022”