Working Group meeting

Date: 22/11/2022
Participants: Natalie Muric, Giovanni Paolo Sellito
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre



ePO next release planning

  • Implement DPS/FA, procedures and sub-procedures

  • Re-examine the procedures and sub-procedures concepts, and their relations to Lot and Purpose

  • In DPS we have MiniCompetition AwardOutcome and NOT the LotAwardOutcome

  • The submission statistical information is at the Lot level, in the DPS/FA this information is at the MiniCompetition Level

  • Consider the split of the process information

  • CPV code pairing (re-model purpose)

  • Modifications modelling

  • Contract

  • Perhaps also touch on the Winner Role, which may be played by people and organizations, and sometimes even multiple ones, that don’t necessarily for an epo:OrganizationGroup.

Roles classification

Group leader role removal

  • The GroupLeader class was removed since we already have epo:leadBy predicate between epo:OrganisationGroup and org:Organization.

  • But not all groups have legal name so the cardinality for epo:hasLegalName is changed to 0..1

  • Closing GitHub issue 386.

  • The lead buyer in Contract Notice can differ in the Contract Notice and Contract Award Notice corresponding to the mini-competition.

  • Presenting examples of an instance diagram for lead buyer.

  • In a joint procurement, all the Buyers are responsible and one of them might be the lead for awarding.

  • This doesn’t mean we have an OrganizationGroup.

  • Created a new concept epo:LeadBuyer as a subclass of epo:Buyer defined as: “A role of an agent who is a Buyer and takes the administrative lead of the procedure.
    WG approval 22-11-2022”

  • We need to model DPS and Framework agreement in order to be able to map correctly.

  • Discussing an example of award.

  • Buyers can be specified for the Procedure for the pre-award phase and for the Contract (Purchase and Framework Agreement) for the post-award phase.

  • However, already in the pre-award it is possible to know who will be the buyers in the Contract (post-award).

  • A Buyer can be responsible either for the procedure or for the purchase contract.

  • Responsible is not the same as the leader.

  • A lead can sign the contract.

  • Joint procurement means that a procedure is the responsibility of more than one buyer. One of the responsible buyers has to be the lead or they can use a ProcurementServiceProvider to delegate the ancillary activities to, meaning there is no lead.