Working Group meeting

Date: 29/11/2022
Participants: Thor Steinar Møller, Natalie Muric
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Andreea Pasăre


  • Procedure types and sub-types


  • Proposing to discuss about Core Business Alignment in a future WGM

Procedure types and sub-types

  • Which procedure types can be single-stage and multi-stage?

    • What impact does “single/multi staging” have?

    • An Open procedure can be single or multi staged?

  • What is the difference between procedure stages and technique stages?

    • What is a procedure?

    • What is a technique?

    • The techniques can be viewed as a kind of procedure.

Procedure can be viewed as a process unfolding from start to the end, which is the conclusion of a contract.

A technique has a starting point as the procedure but it branches out and each branch ends with a separate contract.

By definition, a restricted procedure is already a multi-stage procedure.

Can a DPS be the following types of procedure:

  • Competitive dialogue - No

  • Competitive tendering - no

  • Innovative partnership - No

  • Neg-w-call - No

  • Neg-wo-call - No

  • Open - Yes

  • Restricted - Yes

  • Oth-mult - ?

  • Oth-single - ?

In theory, a DPS can be used in an Open procedure, but not in a restricted procedure.
Restricted means anyone can apply, but not anyone can participate. It is open all the time for qualifications, and restricted for competition.

The difference between a DPS and a FA is that under the FA a Contract Award Notice (CAN) is not published. In Italy CANs might be published.


  • Phase - a distinct period or stage in a series of events or a process of change or development

  • Stage - a period or step in a process, activity, or development