Working Group meeting

Date: 24/01/2023
Participants: Jana Ahmad, Laszlo Ketszeri,, Natalie Muric, Csongor Nyulas, Giampaolo Sellito
Model editor: Andreea Pas─âre
Note editor: Eugeniu Costetchi


Discuss github following issues:

  • Standard form mappings - TED-SWS github issues:

  • Standard form mappings - ePO github issues:


GH 119

  • When we have missing mapping in the technical mapping but the data exists in the standard forms, then we should add the remark in the RDF output as a rdfs:comment. ==== GH 418

  • The generalisation statement between a role and its type (AcquiringParty, SellerParty or AuxiliaryParty) should not be present in the technical mapping.

  • This ticket and were closed, with the same resolution.


GH 419

The property epo:hasLotAwardLimit has been deleted.


epo:hasMaximumNumberOfLotsToBeAwarded is kept.

GH 420

  • In the standard form, we have just generalised information (generalisation criterion) at the procedure level.

  • And the procurement criteria is specified for the lot level .

  • In the standard form, procedure specifies criteria summary (so we can have summary criterion at the procedure level .).

  • We should differentiate between criteria and criteria summary

  • Create participation criterion class in a lot level (so we have 4 criteria now).

  • Participation is at the submission level.

  • Participation conditions should be even before submission

  • Two approaches for Criteria modelling (concept and instance diagrams) have been presented and are depicted below.

Example 1


Example 2

  • Submission terms:

    • Submission terms: rules for submission

    • Submission terms has participation condition

    • Participation conditions had reserved procurement.