Working Group meeting

Date: 26/01/2023
Participants: Natalie Muric, Svante Shcubert, Pietro Palermo, Peter, Thomas Pettersson, Ivan Weller
Model editor: Eugeniu Costetchi
Note editor: Jana Ahmad


  • eOrdering open discussion

    • Goal is to ensure completeness of the current model


The WG discussed the Order diagram with respect to Peppol Order transaction 3.2 (T01) to be sure that they are compatible.


The current method of checking and depicting if the ePO model is complete regarding PEPPOL requirements is by having diagrams which clearly depict the necessary elements, as following:

  • ubl:order

    • order only diagram renamed to order

    • epo-cat:lineSet changed to eop-cat:PostAwardObject

  • identifiers : (cbc:CustomizationID, cbc:ProfileID, cbc:ID)

    • epo:hasID, epo:hasPprofileID and epo:hasCustomizationID object properties are added to epo-cat:PostAwardObject and defined

  • cbc:SalesOrderID

    • ope-ord:hasSalesID: this relation should be created on an object of type Offer when it is modeled

    • Note: in Sales order, the order can be sent from seller to buyer to sign it.

  • cbc:IssueDate, cbc:IssueTime

    • Time is at the metadata level.

    • time and date properties should be added

    • A link between eop-Order to epo-Document should be added

    • Crate relation between eop-Document and eop-cat:PostAwardObject

      • Link the document “metadata layer”with the content of document

  • cbc:OrderTypeCode: for Order type:

  • Cbc:note

    • epo:hasAdditinalinformation is added to eop-cat:postAwardObjec

  • cbc:DocumentCurrencyCode

    • Mapped to epo:MonetaryValue.

    • epo:oderLine has price which is a MonetaryValue

  • cbc:CustomerReference

    • eop-ord:hasC[ustomerReference] t is added to order object

  • cbc:AccountingCost

    • eop-ord:hasAccountingCost t is added to order object

  • cac:ValidityPeriod:

    • eop-cat:PostAwardObjec has (epo:hasValidatyPeriod) relation with epo:Period class


To be continued with “cac:QuotationDocumentReference” -

Ideas for future development:

  • Generate automatically an application profile listing all properties for a Create a table that contains all the properties for all the concepts in the Order phase.

  • There is a need for mapping UBL , UNCFACT and ePO

  • There is a digital gap between TC440 and ePO Work GRoup

    • Need to extract a worksheet from the class diagram and just have the list of classes and properties, in the likes of tabular application profile definition. This shall include the inherited properties as well.