XML Schema files


The structure of eForms XML notices is defined in a set of XML Schema Definition (XSD) files. The schemas are based on Pre-Award document types of the UBL 2.3 standard.

Structure of schema files

The schema files are organised in 2 folders under schemas, following the same structure used by UBL:

  • maindoc: schemas for the individual document types.

  • common: schemas in the common library, referenced and used from the document types defined in the maindoc folder.

The entry point to validate an XML notice against the schema is a one of the files in the maindoc folder. The appropriate file can be selected based on the root element, namespace, or notice subtype of the XML notice, using the information provided in the notice-types.json file.

Differences with UBL

In order to meet some requirements specific to eForms, we have extended the UBL 2.3 standard, through the extension mechanism it provides, and also by creating an additional document type.

This means that any valid eForms XML notice also conforms to UBL 2.3.

The files taken from the UBL standard (with names starting with UBL and BDNDR) have been left unmodified, with the exception of UBL-ExtensionContentDataType-2.3.xsd, which has been modified to reference only the eForms extension.

The XSD files that are part of the UBL standard but not used in eForms are not included in the eForms SDK.

The XSD files added for eForms have names that start with EFORMS:


Specific document type for business registration notices (notice subtypes X01 and X02).


Definition of the eForms extension element.


Definition of specific aggregate components for the eForms extension.


Definition of specific basic components for the eForms extension.