Change Notice

As indicated previously, the purpose of change notices is multifold:

  • Correct a value reported in the previous Change notice, or if this is the first Change notice, the original notice,

  • Inform about changes to information not inside the notice (e.g. changed procurement documents),

While changes may apply to notices of any form type, the Change notice Form Type and Notice Type values must be identical to the ones of the original notice. A change notice may only concern a single notice and contains all the information from that initial notice with applied changes in addition to the information on those changes.

When a change is applied to a previous change notice, the consolidated text must integrate all changes from previous Change notices, and only the latest changes are described in the changes section. This section will allow the reporting of:

  • The identifier of the changed notice,

  • The changes that may individually apply to one or more sections, concern procurement documents and other information,

  • The main reason that led to the Change notice creation.

A change notice will have its own Notice Identifier (BT-701); this will differ from the one of the changed notice.

When applying changes, it is essential to ensure that the variations do not need the start of a new procedure instead.

The changes are indicated using the dedicated extension elements at the root of the notice.

Changed Notice

To identify the changed notice, the following business term is used:

  • Change Notice Version Identifier (BT-758)


A change may contain all the following business terms:

  • Change Previous Section Identifier (BT-13716)

  • Procurement Documents Change Date (BT-719)

  • Procurement Documents Change Indicator (BT-718)

  • Change Description (BT-141)

There must exist at least one "efac:Change" element in the Change Notice, except for the case of: * a cancel notice (i.e. Change Reason set to "cancel") where no "efac:Change" node is expected, and * an intent to cancel a lot/procedure (i.e. Change Reason set to "cancel-intent") where "efac:Change" node may be used to identify the lots.

A change may cover one or more sections of a notice and the element used to reference sections (i.e. "efbc:ChangedSectionIdentifier", BT-13716) is repeatable.

The procurement documents-related elements indicate whether these documents have changed and when. For the indicator, either of the two values "true" and "false" is used; when the value is set to "true", the date the procurement documents have been changed must be specified, else the specification of this date is not allowed.

The decription is there for further information in a textual form.

Change Reason

Reason for a change shall be expressed using a code from the change-corrig-justification codelist and additional information in the description:

  • Change Reason Code (BT-140)

  • Change Reason Description (BT-762)

The use of the code is mandatory while the provision of the description is optional.

Changes elements

In Table 1 are referenced the different business terms relative to changes and their corresponding elements.

Table 1. Changes associated elements
eForms BT Description Cardin. XSD element

Change Notice Version Identifier (BT-758)

Reference to the notice being changed (a combination of the Notice Identifier (BT-701) and the Notice Version (BT-757) for eForms notices only; or Publication ID of the notice being changed for eForms or TEDXML notices.)



Procurement Documents Change Date (BT-719)

Date of procurement documents changes



Procurement Documents Change Indicator (BT-718)

Indication that procurement documents have changed



Change Description (BT-141)

Description of the changes



Change Previous Section Identifier (BT-13716)

Identification of the changed sections



Change Reason Code (BT-140)

Code to express the background reasons for the change



Change Reason Description (BT-762)

The background reasons for the change expressed as text



Sample changes

A sample change mark-up is proposed below. It covers a text update as well as information about changes to procurement documents:

                        <efbc:ChangedNoticeIdentifier schemeName="notice-id-ref">755db7f6-6aa1-453b-9087-1df5f7725112-02</efbc:ChangedNoticeIdentifier>
                            <efbc:ChangeDescription languageID="ENG">The changes have been applied to ...</efbc:ChangeDescription>
                            <efbc:ChangeDescription languageID="ENG">Updated procurement documents</efbc:ChangeDescription>
                            <cbc:ReasonCode listName="change-corrig-justification">update-add </cbc:ReasonCode>
                            <efbc:ReasonDescription languageID="ENG">Clerical corrections of ...</efbc:ReasonDescription>
    <!-- interrupted mark-up -->