Cumulative content of Working Group Meetings in 2024

Date: 11/07/2024
Participants: Kenneth Bengtsson, Ioannis Fountoukidis, Dragos Stoica,

Model editor: Andreea Pasăre
Note editor: Achilles Dougalis


  • Add definitions to eInvoice concepts.

  • Discuss about tickets with no milestones.


  • Github Issues 653, and 652 were resolved.

  • The following definitions were added:

    • epo-inv:InvoiceLine: Details concerning a given unit of goods, services or works mentioned in the Invoice.WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • epo-inv:Invoice Note: Textual note that is relevant to the invoice as a whole. WG approval 11/7/2024

      • Attribute hasInvoiceNoteDescription of class epo-inv:Invoice Note: A textual note that gives unstructured information that is relevant to the Invoice as a whole.WG approval 11/07/2024

      • Predicate epo-inv:hasInvoiceNote: Contains Invoice Note. WG approval 11/07/2024

    • Epo-inv:PaymentInstructionsInformation: Information about the payment. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • Epo-inv:hasPaymentMeansDescription: The means for how a payment is expected to be or has been settled, expressed as text. WG approval 11/07/2024

    • epo-inv:hasPaymentMeansType:The means for how a payment is expected to be or has been settled, expressed as code. WG approval 11/07/2024

    • epo-inv:hasRemittanceInformation: A textual value used to establish a link between the payment and the Invoice, issued by the Seller. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • Predicate epo-inv:hasBankingIdentifier: A unique banking reference identifier of the Payee or Seller, assigned by the Payee or Seller bank. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • Predicate epo-inv:hasDebitedAccountIdentifier: An identifier for the account to be debited by the direct debit. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • Predicate epo-inv:hasPaymentAccountIdentifier: A unique identifier of the financial payment account, at a payment service provider, to which payment should be made. WG approval 11/07/2024

    • epo-inv:hasPaymentServiceProviderIdentifier: An identifier for the payment service provider where a payment account is located. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • epo-inv:PaymentCardInformation:

      • Attribute epo-inv:hasPaymentCardPrimaryAccountNumber: The series of digits embossed on the front of a credit, debit, or prepaid card used for payment. WG approval 11/07/2024.

      • Attribute epo-inv:hasPaymentCardHolderName:The name of the account holder of the card used for payment. Additional Information: An account holder is the entity listed or identified as the holder of a Financial Account by the Financial Institution.

    • WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • epo-inv:CreditTransferInformation: Information about a direct payment of money from one bank account into another.WG approval 11/07/2024. '

      • Attribute epo-inv:hasPaymentAccountName: The name of the account that can send and receive payments to and from a payment service provider. WG approval 07/11/2024.

    • epo-inv:Payee: A Role of an Agent that receives the payment. Additional Information: The role of Payee may be fulfilled by another party than the Seller, e.g. a factoring service. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • epo-inv:SellerTaxRepresentative: A Role of an Agent that can represent an Organization for taxation purposes. Additional Information: The Seller Tax Representative Role is not a Legal Representative. WG approval 11/07/2024.

    • epo-inv:TaxBreakdownInformation: Information about tax breakdown by different categories, rates and exemption reasons. WG approval 11/07/2024.

      • Attribute epo-inv:hasTaxExemptionReasonDescription: An explanation on why the amount is exempted from tax or why no tax is being charged according to the legislation, expressed as a text.WG approval 11/07/2024.

      • Attribute epo-inv:hasTaxExemptionReason: An explanation on why the amount is exempted from tax or why no tax is being charged according to the legislation, expressed as a code.

    • epo-inv:hasTaxPointDate: The date when the tax becomes accountable for the seller and for the Buyer. Additional information: The date can be determined and differs from the date of issue of the invoice according to the national implementation of the directive.

  • An example of invoice with multiple VAT was presented.

  • It was mentioned that all the information Classes are specifications of epo-cat:InformationHub


Action Points

  • To revisit the model in order to add more epo-inv:PaymentCardInformation attributes if required by the ePO users.

  • Create ticket: Delete predicate epo-inv:hasTaxCategoryTaxableAmount

  • To generate the glossary for eInvoicing.

Working Group meeting

Date: 09/07/2024
Participants: Natalie Muric
Model editor: Andreea Pasăre
Note editor: Achilles Dougalis


  • Discuss tickets with the 4.1.0 milestone.

  • Discuss tickets with the 4.2.0 milestone.


4.1.0 milestone

Ticket 607

It was discussed that the predicate epo-sub:refersToOtherESPDResponse should be removed and epo:refersToPrevious at the epo:Document level should be used on its stead.


Ticket 637

It was confirmed by the working group that the predicates epo:answersExclusionGround and epo:answersSelectionCriteria should be removed from the Ontology.

Ticket 596

epo-con:ContractModificationInformation is a concept that belongs to eContract module and should not be present in any diagram of ePO core module, thus it was removed from the ePO core module diagram (for 4.1.0-rc.3 version).

Ticket 628

It was decided that epo-cat:hasExternalSpecification will be deleted. epo-cat:Item epo:hasSpecification epo-cat:ProductSpecification mapping will be used instead in all post-award modules. We added a temporary cardinality for epo-cat:hasExternalSpecification predicate as [0..*] with a proposal to remove it in a next major release (ePO 5.0.0).


Ticket 638

The prefix of the predicate epo:hasRejectedQuantity is now epo-ful.


The milestone "miscellaneous" was created to group github tickets loosely related to the Ontology but not part of it such as model2owl or contents of vocabularies referenced by ePO.

4.0.2 milestone

Ticket 593

The boolean attribute epo:isSMESuitable was added to class epo:LotGroup


Ticket 609

Milestone was changed to miscellaneous.

Ticket 617

The predicates epo:forseesSubcontractor and hasSubcontractor that connect epo:Subcontractor and epo:Contractor were added.


It was noted that there should be a future discussion about the restrictions and shacl shapes files.

Action Points

  • Create a ticket to remove epo-cat:hasExternalSpecification . Also connect it with 628

  • Make sure that all the commented tickets map to this document.

Working Group meeting

Date: 04/07/2024
Participants: Kenneth Bengtsson, Andrea Caccia, Natalie Muric, Pietro Palermo, Dragos Stoica
Model editor: Andreea Pasăre
Note editor: Achilles Dougalis


  • Update on work on eInvoicing module

  • check Credit Note concept in PEPPOL

  • Add definitions to eInvoicing module concepts


  • It was decided that the concept epo:Invoicer is not needed in the eInvoicing module, as the Seller is the Invoicer. The class was removed from the eInvoicing module.

  • The roles about eProcurement from PEPPOL were presented.

    • According to those roles, the concepts Invoicer and Invoicee can be represented by the Seller and the Buyer respectively.

  • It was decided that epo-inv:CreditNote class will be kept in the eInvoicing module.

    • epo-Inv:CreditNoteLine was added.

    • Predicate epo-inv:refersToInvoice was added to the eInvoicing module.

    • After the modifications, the diagram depicting epo-inv:CreditNote looks as follows: