Contract Modification Notice

A contract modification follows the same structure as a change, it however appears during contract execution and applies to a CAN only.

Table 1. Modification components
eForms BT Description Cardin. XSD element

Modification Previous Section Identifier (BT-1501)

Identification of the modified sections



Modification Description (BT-202)

Description of the modification



Modification Reason Code (BT-200)

Code to express the modification background reasons



Modification Reason Description (BT-201)

Modification background reasons expressed as text



The possible Modification reason code values are referenced in the modification-justification codelist.

The Contract Modification elements occur in the extensions at the root of the notice.

With a single Contract Modification notice, it is only possible to modify contracts belonging to the same notice, and only if none of them have been modified in the meantime. When some contracts in a notice have already been modified, then any further contract modification for these contracts has to be applied on the latest Contract Modification notice. For contracts that have not been modified, the new contract modification may be performed based on the result notice but shall not include contracts already modified.

If a notice only contains N SettledContract elements, then there may not be more than N references to contracts in the Contract Modification notice.

For each "efac:ContractModification" element, as part of the changed sections, there shall be, in addition to the other sections impacted, a unique reference to a contract within the Contract Modification notice using the contract technical identifier.

        <efbc:ChangeDescription languageID="ENG">The scope of the procurement ...</efbc:ReasonDescription>
        <cbc:ReasonCode listName="modification-justification">mod-cir</cbc:ReasonCode>
        <efbc:ReasonDescription languageID="ENG">Following an Act of God ...</efbc:ReasonDescription>