Reference Documents

17 April 2020: eProcurement Ontology Architecture and Formalisation Specifications

InfEurope delivered a report commissioned by the EU Publications Office on the eProcurement ontology architecture and formalisation specifications on the 17 April 2020, describing the ePO architecture at a technical level, including technologies, process and methodology, and conceptual models. The report can be accessed here

3 August 2017: Specification of the Project Process and Methodology, and Project Charter Proposal

On the 3 August 2017, PWC EU Services delivered two documents commissioned by the Publications Office of the EU, and funded by the ISA2 Project, the first draft of document, Specification of the Process and Methodology to develop the eProcurement Ontology, and version 1.0 of a second report, the D02.02 Project Charter Proposal, which describes the project, listing its scope, stakeholders, success criteria, deliverables, costs and other aspects essential to, or covered by, the project.

The Specification and Methodology can be found here. The Project Charter Proposal can be accessed here.

20 September 2016: First Support for an eProcurement Ontology

On the 20 September 2016, PWC EU Services was contracted, by the publications Office of the EU, to provide version 1.00 of a report, the D04.07 Report on policy support for e-Procurement, known as the Landscaping Document, for the ISA Project, the initial funder of the eProcurement Ontology Project.

The document sets the context for an eProcurement Ontology, proposes a solution, and addresses topics such as process, methodology, technology, and audience, and then concludes, and proposes the next steps in the project. The full report can be accessed here.

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